Our Story

Our company's mission statement is to provide incredibly creative and professional photographic art that silently communicates who we are more vividly than with words.

Where it all Began

Our company began when friends, James Boateng and Junior Matthew mutually decided to challenge each other's pursuits to experience their passion for engaging with people from all ethnicities and cultures with the explicit intent of cataloguing these experiences to show how images can transcend linguistic barriers in communication.

Investigating further, they decided to heed their convictions and become themselves the very vehicle that would convey their vision.

Compelled to see their vision transpire into a reality, James went on to study photography at Westminster University to eventually become a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography and Junior became a Private Investor who has built a notable portfolio of businesses across established industries.

They now use their acquired expertise in the world of professional portrait photography using a variety of photographic techniques to display the wide spectrum of portraiture as a modern-day art form.

Who Are We

James likes the sport of rugby, which he considers to be a gentleman’s game and Junior enjoys a strategic game of chess, so with James’ dynamic skills of image creation combined with Junior’s mind for strategy, they form a synergetic partnership that’s greater than the sum of their individual parts.



We are honoured to work for non-profit organisations and contribute our time and efforts to help meet the needs of people around the world. Please let us know how we could help your cause.

Creative Roots

James gets his inspiration from his son Elliot, who has brought a richness to his life that fosters his naturalistic style during the creative process.

We view all our clients as new opportunities to capture images that will elicit an emotive response and provoke meaningful thought. We love catching those special moments in time that we can present as art pieces for sharpening the gaze of eyes to behold through many generations.