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How To Survive The Social-Economic Impact During COVID?

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It is widely accepted that the COVID-19 outbreak and its socio-economic implications may change our world for good. We are still struggling to adapt to the new normal lifestyle. After initial resentment, confusion, and denial, we need to start accepting the changes and surviving the social-economic impacts caused by the pandemic.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some ways that we can survive the social-economic impact during COVID.

Track Political Developments- sometimes, this may add to your anxiety and worries, but drastic political changes could affect your livelihood and well-being. Although it’s an external factor that’s beyond your reach, as a freelance photographer, you need to be aware of the possible macro-economic impacts of new political policies. Ask for expert advice to safeguard your investment and career.

Prepare Children For Educational Changes- the pandemic has caused widespread closures of many universities and schools. Some schools are re-opening, and it won’t be the same as before. Teach your children new habits to avoid COVID-19 transmission and prepare them for regular schooling.

Maintain Your Psychological Health- psychological and mental health issues are increasingly common in the current crisis. The loss of jobs and other economic hardships contribute to frustrations and prolonged stress. Relaxation, positive diversions, and advice from mental health professionals will be helpful. With good a mental condition, it is easier to find solutions to financial issues and regain your emotional well-being. Even during such a restrictive and uncertain time, photographers can still enjoy their hobby and take still images. In fact, it is much easier as many cities are empty of the traffic and congestion.

Renegotiate Debts- when you took student loan, mortgage, and car loan, you assumed that the economic situation would be relatively stable, and you could keep your job. If you’ve been laid off, it is important to renegotiate your debts. Many people have been left almost penniless, although they had good job before the crisis. Ask for longer term of repayment or temporary repayment deferral until you get a new source of income.

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