Kind Words

Our clients are at the centre of our business and our business thrives because of them so we strive to always provide a customer experience that is unforgettable.

What do our customers say

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    Great Experience!

    "James the photographer was on his camera taking pictures, directing, planning and even demonstrating the gym workout excercise to me so the definition of my muscles would have its maximum effect in the image. He also worked on my facial expression and outfit change and weights to suit my image. Thank you!" 

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    Super Happy!

    "James has a clear vision of what is required and does a great job creating it. He's professional at all times and a great person to be around which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Great pictures always and the list just goes on. I'm just absolutely super happy with results"

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    Amazing Professional!

    "James is an amazing professional at the top of his game. He has been our family photographer for a while now and we are so grateful to have found him. His expertise are second to none and he has incredible attention to detail."

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    Incredible Experience!

    "What an experience to have worked with Elliot James Photography. He worked on my face expression and outfit change to suit my image...Thank you so much for an incredible experience and looking forward to working with you again."

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    Very satisfied!

    "I hired Elliot James Photography to do a portfolio shoot for me and it was a great experience. I was very happy with the pictures and will definately be using Elliot James Photography for all my future photography needs."

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    Great Service!

    "James strikes me as a very patient and passionate person and it was an absolute pleasure to work with. Time flew by, and he made me feel totally confident and comfortable. I didnt want to stop the shoot! Thanks you so much for an incredible experience and looking forward to working with Elliot James Photography again."


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